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Sound/Vocal/Performance/Score making Artists I'm looking at (running list)

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Ruth Anderson. - I come out of your sleep - 1982

Ruth Anderson - Pregnant Dream - 2019?

Jacki Apple - Gully Score - 2010

Jez Riley French - also in convo with him a little bit

Hildegard Westerkamp - 'Kits Beach' Soundwalk - 1989

Poemproducer/AGF on recon sound - Insisting to Remember

And lecture on politics, sound, radical mychology including a collaborative/community mychology score

Elastic Fiction - Multispecies Mixtape & PDF - ‘phytophonic’ communications between plant species affected by the planetary crisis

Ain Bailey The Pitch Sisters - 8 channel composition

Angela Rawlings - Sound of Mull

Cy Twombly - gesture

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