A research project and film series inspired by the books of Virginia Woolf (A Room of One's Own and Orlando). The work explores how we can deepen our relationship with our back garden, and in turn with ourselves. The work explores the process of accepting the other in the self through queering gardening. Queering gardening is paying attention to places in the garden that are often discarded, liberating, and embracing murky rough edges.

Part 1 - A Garden of One's Own

Inspired by A Room of One‘s Own this film takes the viewer on an intimate journey through a gardener’s consciousness. Using a hushed narration, quiet field recording and still photography the film invites meditation and pause. It‘s a play on the concept of Woolf’s book by using the garden as the physical and psychological space to create and understand the self. This first film is an introduction to subsequent films.

This work was originally created for The Garden Zine a project funded and commissioned by the Coventry City of Culture Trust and The Pod. The Garden is a collaboration between artist Alix Villanueva and Coventry-based composer Tim Seeley who have co-created a visual score resonating with the sounds of nature and the movement of bird wings soaring around the CV5 Sherbourne Allotment and responsive to over 40 public submissions being woven into The Garden Zine.


All images by the artist unless stated otherwise.