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Sound installation, 18 mins

A series of vocal experiments teetering on the edge of pleasure and pain, communicating un-speakable feelings. A journey through a speculative soundscape where things are not always what they seem.

Part of a series of works exploring the connections between parallel universes, dark psychological states, and falling into a black hole.

Originally created alongside charcoal work What if this never ends? for Residents 22, an exhibition in March/April 2022 to mark the end of my three-month residency at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (winter 2021-22), alongside Ben Caro & Kat Cutler Mackenzie, Beck Brewis, and Maria Wrang-Rassmussen. This work has also been exhibited at Embassy Gallery as part of their members' hows The grass is always greener on the Sa-lawn April 2022.

Residents 22 exhibition documentation

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