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Tidal- video, field notes

20 Oct

Moving through the mess, feeling the sense of the day - where are they and where have they been, where are those places when the sea retreats? Shifted, changed. The tide is coming in and the tide will swallow up this place before it's even been built. I wonder what the children of the statue shall even be able to find or do in 2050. A queering of time, a projection forward and back. A place of ongoing-ness. How can I use my side to side-ness and up and down-ness to engage with this place, the tides, the Turnstones as they flap and feed making sounds? What will their habitat be in 2050?

1950 to 2050 – where do all of these years / times happen simultaneously?

Where does landscape, time memory, identity overlap?

How do we note the passing of time?

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