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Updated: Apr 8, 2021

AM Kanngieser - Eulogy for the handfish

Extinction, naming as colonial, a story of the Handfish - a story with growing punchy electronic backing track. Quote:

"a name in a list of names... there is a freedom in remaining unfound... if to be found is to be taken, is to be named, is to be lost... it is in our finding that death comes... without that finding their are many forms of being..."

Tai Shani -Neon Hiroglyph 2021

New work by Tai Shani for Manchester International Festiva. Its sci-fi explorations and feminist fabulations into connected existence, oppression, liberation and ecology. I see connections between what her work is doing and the atmosphere I am creating in. my work.

Quotes from the audio/visual work:

a museum of unrecoverable vibrations

travelling as long as its molecular collaborators will allow

hearing a constant horizon

they {birds} sing to let us know they are alive, that is all

the sun is a ghost that haunts the light

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