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Sound installation sketches (dying starfish dialogue)

Updated: May 12, 2021

Sketches 1&2 would use the speaker pictured below.

Setup 1 The audience is sat in a chair behind a curtain, this will increase the intimacy and attention they give to the sound work. The lighting is two spotlights to increase the drama of the space and heighten the sense. The speakers hang from the ceiling and sit at head height, the audience is meeting the sound.

Setup 2 Does a similar thing to set up 1 but having the audience stood up, in a larger space gives more freedom for them to walk around the sound, again giving them another perspective on the work and a choice to move into the shadows of the space that not in the spotlight.

Setup 3 This sketch is an adaptation, which uses speakers on stands, I can test this set. up in the studio at ECA.

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