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Some writing starting points

A softening of the rocks. A softening of the rocks

Water carriers memory.

Imagine a continual sea haar - your cheeks wet and your hair soaking, slowly. A heavy tick air that makes your nose drip.

A soothing connection. I want you to feel that your body is porous, messy, slipping, of meaning and an edge that is fluid.

When I exited the sea, on to the gritty beach my body pulsed as the blood pumped around, pump, pump, pump, red ears, cold extremities, my fingers are tingling, pink and white all at once. The crevices and holes are the first to be warm, I put my fingers in there, snuggled, the cold is a shock and the two temperatures start to merge.

Have you ever been swimming in the sea when its raining?

We cannot know ourselves as a point of reference in a world that has overtaken us, in the past and future. MURKY HORIZONS.

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