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Responsive drawings : listening practice

Updated: Mar 12

I slowed down the recording of a blizzard in Greenland from 5mins to 25mins and drew with ink on paper, the marks are an attempt at capturing the sounds and at some points interpreting them. At times I was drawing with the snowstorm, it was performative.

Listen to the sound here: https://static.wixstatic.com/mp3/d4db6f_65a2546f4b31418a8abfd4e666bbe8a4.mp3

The listening practice went like this:

  1. Listen to the recording at full speed

  2. Listen to the recording at an extremely low speed x2

  3. Decide on a material/method that would best represent that sound

  4. Listen to the recording and respond interpret the sound

2 x drawings, both ink of paper 420 x 594mm, photos here are of the two works and close up on details

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