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MURKY HORIZONS - written text & recorded

Listen to a rough recording of text read aloud here:

All there is

Lean in

The tide exposes

When I sing to the seaweed my vibrations remain in the atmosphere as an energy form.

We cannot see the slow-moving tidal sea rise with human eyes, maybe that’s why we are not prepared.

The Turnstones survive in the intertidal space

A drowning out

We are already underwater

I bottle the eeriness of sea haar

In the haar

It’s like everyone has been put to sleep

Hazy, humming, murky horizons

Its dripping and close

Is there a moment where the haar hits my face?

I am walking through the mist

When am I not walking through the mist?

When am I passed it?

Mist is magical

I am walking through an altered time zone

The seaweed sways slowly

hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm

Chck chck, chck, chck chck chck

Inside the mist I do not feel alone

I forget where I am

It’s a blanket, a cold blanket, I am covered in cold

My senses are heightened

I am hyper-aware

The mist is revealing

The moisture brings to light things that I do not normally see

The lowering of the sky creates a darker reflection

My eyes and nose are leaking

The mist draws out my liquid

This weather is comforting and dark

It’s something in between

Half dead, half alive

The salt is saltier

The seaweed looks like floating dead bodies preserved, salinated

My spatial awareness is misty

I am at the surface of the water

slightly drowning

bobbing at the edge

gasping for air

the heat pulses around my body

my skin colour changes

a clump of seaweed floats by and brushes my leg

I shiver

I’m in the sea and it’s raining

the feeling is like nothing I’ve ever felt before

I feel alive

I feel connected

I feel like I am where I am supposed to be

As the sea levels rise the crevices diminish

No longer allowed to be vulnerable

A saltiness

A heavy saltiness in the bay

Heavy salt

I am covered in salt

I am made of salt

The rocks

My body

The air is salt

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