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Eco-criticism radio prog

New Thinking: Eco-criticism

Eco-criticism, I know the term and what it explores, through engagement in the environmental humanities, however never been able to really define what it is. Eco-criticism is a lens through which to read any text using an ecological lense.

Active hope is practical and tangible, it isn't a hope that leaves it to someone else, it is a dialogue. It's hope in the dark. Through eco-criticism we can make with a broader lense, creating with scale.

Ref: The Hounds of the Baskervilles - Holmes being sent to the moors to tame them, he cannot.

This brings my back to my research around bogs and gothic literature, they were used as something to be tamed and feared, when they should be free to get on with living on their terms. HOW DOES THIS RELATE TO QUEER ECOLOGY, WILDNESS AND SOUND.

UNTAMEABLE - how is my work looking at the untamable through queering, looking at eerie and darkness, working through sounds in a sculptural and improvisational way in understanding them.

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