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Decaying starfish at Wardie Bay / A storm over there

Updated: May 12, 2021


As I walk along the flies swarm from the starfish, they are decomposing, emitting a yellow residue. What sound does a decomposing starfish make?

Rising sea temperatures, deoxygenation and desalination could be the causes of these deaths. Or is it all part of a natural process? Was it a storm that washed them up and stranded them and now they are dying, exposed on the beach?

References to 'Star wasting disease' in the US, linking it to sheltered coastlines with no many waves (Wardie Bay is such a place).

Wikipedia - Wasting disease

National Geographic - Kent starfish strandings 2018

A few days before seeing the starfish there was a storm...

There is a storm brewing on the other side of the bay, I can see flashes of lightning from over here, it’s currently over there. I cannot see the houses, they have been totally eclipsed by the cloud, which seems to have a solid edge at which it ends. Where does this border bleed into the sky over here? I was recently walking in a park near my house with the toddler that I look after and he said 'let's sit down and look at the view'. We sat down, he then said 'oh let's run into the view' so we ran into the view until the next view was seen and we ran into that one, and so we continued'. It reminded me that with this storm, as with the sea haar, I seem to be fascinated with where a weather phenomenon begins and ends and how we are inside it.

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