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Back to raving

Coming back to raving, some new reference points:

Cal Mac 'Agony to Ecstacy'

A film about intimacy, addiction, ecstasy, raving and the freedom of open rural space. Mixes scenes in the Scottish countryside with scenes of clubbing.

Plastique Fantastique

After the tutorial with Angela McClanahan-Simmons, I was able to find some more commonality in my various research. Taking ecstasy and dancing in a throbbing crowd is a kind of ritual where you can experience a temporary bodily and cognitive shift. This liminal, dark and comforting place is my experience of the 'weird' eerie. It is a positive experience inside the darkness.

Other useful references/connections are around cognitive archaeology, states of decay:

Arnold Vangennep

Mary Douglas - the function of taboo

Alexa Hare - Nemoralia

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