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2 ideas - research starting points -edited

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

IDEA 1: Bog club night - a fantasy proposal

Dance culture - dance culture in Edinburgh - how is electronic dance music valued, is there any queer/ 'alternative" nightlife apart from CC Blooms?

Bogs - uncertain & undervalued landscapes in the city

Uncomfortable and uncertain landscapes

You can put a foot wrong and fall down into the bog

Build on existing research at Red Moss in Pentlands (and Black Woods of Rannoch)

Bog Intimacies - concept map

Build on research in my essay: Anarchic Hope: Peatbogs, community & survival

Build on bog recordings library - visit Red Moss for more fieldwork & warped sounds from Undergrowth

IDEA 2: Wardie Bay Beach - radical intimacy - rising tides

Mapping this beach (sound, visuals, drawings)

The colonies of sea birds are intriguing how they group, feed, sound -birds could be: Sandpipers / Sanderlings / Oyster-catchers / Turnstones / Redshank

What will happen to the rock pool feeding birds when the tide rises? Parts of Wardie Bay are predicted to be underwater in 2050.

Record the birds, visit the birds, rock pools

Nature/culture - what has shaped this landscape? Weaving in political & ecological structures.

Queer ecology

Beyond the pastoral

The vulnerability of these birds and also the strength

Ghosts of the future as sea levels rise?

Beach is next to my house - easier to fulfil this fieldwork during the pandemic

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